Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Regarding "Yesha council calls for campaign of civil disobedience..." + "Katif farmers fear collapse...", Ha'Aretz, December 20, 2004:
Could it be that the representatives of the settlers are beginning to understand that the days of their being able to continue living in an impossible reality - cashing in on other peoples' misery and commandeering our nation's destiny - might be numbered? While the Israeli government still has not shown true signs of recognizing that settling occupied territories as such is wrong, our Prime Minister appears to have come to understand that the settlements are not an organic part of the consensus among Israelis anymore. Even more than other Israeli employers the settlers know for a long time that their enterprise cannot be based on 'Hebrew labor', so after having benefited for several years from cheap Arab labor they started to exploit foreign workers who were more than willing to come, in spite of the dangers involved. The fact that many Thai workers want to stay in Gush Katif because the immigration police does not operate there and because Sabbath observance there guarantees them a day of rest says a lot about this country's policies regarding foreign workers and slavery. It is not enough to remember only once a year that we ourselves used to be slaves in Egypt. If we want to make this state both truly democratic and Jewish the first necessary step is to get us out of the territories. After that much, very much work remains to be done.

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