Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Three days ago in the International Herald Tribune two articles had my particular attention. The first was an article that appeared on the last page of the second half of the newspaper, most of which I normally glance through very fast because I am not very much interested in - nor do I understand anything about - sports and finances, and I do not travel a lot. The comics are the only part of that second half that I read every day. Yesterday's Travel section had an article about the city of Johannes Vermeer, Delft. I was raised - and lived for more than twenty years - in Zuid-Holland, the same province where Delft is located, and I cannot remember ever having visited the city. There are still large parts and many cities in the Netherlands that I do not know, which is an advantage now that I visit the country once every couple of years with my family, as a tourist: most of what we see is as new to me as it is to my wife and our children.
The other article that I read with special interest was about the fake-Dow-spokesman who succeeded in fooling the BBC. I happened to see one of the two broadcast of the interview with the man. Of course what he did was not very nice, but I could not help chuckling over the affair. It appears the man is connected to an organization called The Yes Men, which with this hoax attacked not only the BBC but also Dow Chemical, and those are not the most unworthy targets for such an assault. If there is any reference to the whole affair on the BBC News website, it is well hidden, I was unable to find it through a regular quick search.

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