Monday, January 10, 2005

Instead of following the Palestinian elections, Sharon's coalition and party troubles or Hezbollah attacks against targets in northern Israel I have been keeping myself busy searching for, photocopying and buying primary and secondary sources for my PhD research. On the only day off that I allow myself here - Sunday, when all libraries and archives relevant for me are closed - I read a lot and watched two of the best movies that I have seen in recent years. One of them is a classic ( Fargo, by Joel and Eitan Coen; I took some of my brother's DVDs with me and watched this one last night, it is brilliant ), the other is fairly new and Israeli: Walk on Water, by another Eytan, Eytan Fox. Both movies made me a little homesick: WoW because of the landscapes, the Israeli characters and the Hebrew, Fargo because seeing Marge Gunderson and her husband together made me long for my wife. Whenever I see children here I am reminded of the five months I spent in Paris with my wife and kids last year. Although it is much easier to work here when I am on my own, I miss the three of them very, very much.

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