Monday, January 03, 2005

Sorry for having neglected you all for more than a week. Last Tuesday I flew from Tel Aviv to Amsterdam. I spent five wonder- and fruitful days in the Netherlands, being with my parents, brother and sister and their families, meeting some very good friends and colleagues whom I got to know directly or indirectly through my blog, or at least through the internet. With one of them I had an excellent diner and a very pleasant and 'gezellige' evening in a Chinese restaurant. A fellow-blogger, whose work I admire and enjoy very much, turned out to have more with me in common than I imagined. In a way the same goes for the foreign editor of a newspaper which has published some of my articles and with which, it seems, I will cooperate even more in the future. I bought some books and spent New Year's Eve with my family. Seeing my two nieces slightly made up for not seeing my own children for almost seven weeks. Yesterday I arrived in Paris. The apartment that I rented for the period is perfect for me. Today I did some shopping ( mostly groceries ), tomorrow I will get organized and start working. Do not expect many postings the coming weeks, I am not sure how much spare time I will have ( probably not much ) and when I will be online. The e-mail address that appears on this blog will be checked once every couple of days, so those who want to reach me will be able to. A happy, healthy and - hopefully - peaceful 2005 for my readers and for anyone else!

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