Thursday, January 20, 2005

This morning I changed my train and plane tickets so that I can stay in Parisd for one more week than originally planned, leaving me here until some time in February. The collection of primary sources is going great, but at some archives the work takes more time than expected ( because of red tape and also because in some places I found some sources that i could not have known about before ) so I decided to extend my stay, which should give me enough time to make this séjour de recherche into a real success. My wife obviously did not like the idea very much, but she understands that I did not have much choice. Since my last posting I saw another good movie ( Der Untergang, about the last days in Hitler's bunker; a wonderful movie if you possess the right background information about the main characters. Especially the characters of Joseph Goebbels and his wife are convincing and chilling ), read three more books ( Finale Kwijting by Hans Dorrestijn, both amusing and very sad; Occidentalism by Ian Buruma & Avishai Margalit, a convincing and - sometimes too - concise synopsis of an interesting thesis; a Traveller's History of Paris, nice, nothing more or less ), and yesterday I started reading Mystic River, by Denis Lehane. This book is excellent, I am looking forward to watching the movie which Clint Eastwood made, based on it.

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