Saturday, February 26, 2005

Before going to bed I just read about what appears to be yet another terror attack in Tel Aviv. I wonder who was waiting more expectantly and anxiously for this to happen: those Israelis who fear a new wave of ( suicide ) attacks will delay/make impossible any pullout; those members of the Israeli security forces who knew it was coming but still hoped to stay ahead of the terrorists for another day; those among the settlers and their supporters who hope that after even more terror attacks 'we' will open our eyes and finally understand that the only solution is an even more comprehensive and ruecksichtslose occupation of Palestinian territories, not giving them even the smallest and most miserable piece of land; those Palestinians who also knew it was only a matter of time before all talks of hope and a possible pause in or even end to the current mess will stop again; etc. etc. At least the brother of our Education Minister will be happy, since one of his main goals will come just a little more within reach, without him and his fellow-fanatics-on-what-is-supposed-to-be-our-side-but-basically-is-the same-one-as-Hamas's having to lift a finger:" Noam Livnat, who heads the Defensive Shield anti-pullout campaign, said that if the Israel Police is busy trying to quell stormy anti-disengagement demonstrations throughout the country, it will not have the manpower to implement the pullout."

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