Sunday, February 27, 2005

In today's Ha'Aretz, a portrait of the four Israelis murdered in Friday, all members of a very Israeli group of friends. Instead of getting married in a few weeks Yael Orbach z"l, one of the four, was buried today at noon in Kfar Saba.
It is safe to assume that whichever Palestinian group will turn out to be responsible for this attack, its main sponsor will be found outside the territories, probably either in Damascus or Teheran. Whoever says that "this proves once again that the Palestinians cannot be trusted with our security" or that any progress in the disengagement process ought to be conditional upon Palestinian actions against terrorists is either looking for any reason to keep the occupation going on perpetually or having an unrealistically high opinion of the capabilities of Abu Mazen and other Palestinian leaders. While security arrangements between Palestinians and Israelis will be a central part of any post-occupation scenario, Israel will never be able to totally rely on the Palestinian willingness or ability to uncompromisingly fight terror, in particular if that terror is sponsored by opponents of any compromises on the part of the Palestinian national leadership.

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