Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Regarding "For European Jews, it fits better on the right", IHT, February 22, 2005: Of course it is short-sightedness that leads some Jews in Europe to join or otherwise support extreme rightwing parties or movements: in the short run the latter just happen to hate and fear Muslims slightly more than Jews. Still, to me it seems that if anything, the 'phenomenon' of some Jews openly expressing support for extreme rightwing causes shows their high level of integration within their respective countries, and says more about socio-political tendencies within Europe itself than about developments within Jewish communities in Europe. Today's political reality in Europe is one of polarization, and as long as many politicians on the left side of the political spectrum try to score points by ignoring some of the most serious problems facing Europe and the West ( never mind that their colleagues on the right tend to exaggerate those same problems or use them for their own narrow goals ), or by indulging in simplistic forms of Bush/Sharon-bashing ( never mind that the American president and Israeli PM are to be blamed for many things ), Jews - together with non-Jews - who otherwise would remain within mainstream progressive or conservative parties might choose more extreme options.

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