Saturday, February 12, 2005

Since I left Israel almost two months ago I have hardly visited any other blogs. The only blog where I had a look once in a while is Lila's Letters from Rungholt, because she tells us highly personal stuff in postings that often reflect the mood in Israel among a section of the public that I consider myself a part of and identify with. I met Lila a few weeks before I came to Europe, we study/work at the same university ( she lives with her family in a kibbutz in the North ) and seem to have a few things in common.
Last Wednesday she wrote down a very amusing and essential conversation between her five-year-old daughter Nori and her friend Yaar, of the same age, while they were playing with Playmobil ( my favorite toy when I was a kid ). Since it is in German, I translated it:

Nori: Yaar, will you give me a kiss? Yaar: No, I won't. Nori: Hey ( litt. 'How' ), don't you love me? Yaar: Sure, I do love you. But one can love without kissing as well. Nori: Then do you want to marry me, Yaar? Yaar: No, I first want to eat something.

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