Saturday, February 26, 2005

This one sounds very much like the big blast at the Dolfinarium disco almost four years ago, with many youngsters ( in June 2001 most of the victims were 'Russian' teenagers ). Again, first we read or hear about wounded, then they become several wounded, then several injured and some dead, and in the end we are being told about many casualties. The attack at the Dolfinarium disco I remember better than most other attacks, because my wife and I spent the fifth anniversary of our marriage in a ritzy hotel nearby. It was hot and humid, and we were in our hotel room with the windows hermetically closed and the airconditioning at full power, when my father-in-law called me if we had heard or seen anything, which was not the case.
Now I am going to do what we did then: follow the news via the television set in our bedroom. In spite of all this: Layla tov.

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