Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Rabbi Ovadyah Yosef has been at it again. This time he basically cursed Ariel Sharon, although of course his followers claim that he meant to say something else. The problem is that he clearly uses a masculine form of the verbs, whereas both 'plan' and 'disengagement' are feminine. You really have to be a believer if you want to believe that this caricature of a rabbi did not mean any harm. Still, he and other religious freaks cannot be blamed if they get away with such things it is all the system's fault. A properly functioning justice system should be able to deal with such incitement and other threats.
Because of the children we normally do not watch the news in the morning, but this morning we happened to see and hear Mr Yosef on the television. Our 5-year old daughter asked who he was. Although we try to teach them as much about Judaism ( and to show as much respect for religious people in general and rabbis in particular ) as we can, we could not help answering her that he was dressed up for Purim. She heard his words and immediately said "But will they do to Sharon what they did to Rabin?" For heaven's sake, those bloody fanatics - 'ours' as much as 'theirs' - even make our children worry. Now I can stand them even less.

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