Sunday, March 20, 2005

Regarding "Infant euthanasia: A doctor explains" and "Judge and lawmakers square off in feed-tube case", IHT, March 19-20, 2005: Because of most Dutchmen and -women's ability to openly face some of the less pleasant facts of life, and their willingness to discuss all aspects of human life in public and among professionals, dr. Verhagen and his colleagues are able to concentrate on their profession and to feel an extraordinary empathy with their patients. I admire those doctors' fortitude and their dedicated love for the human beings who are consigned to their care. On the other side of the planet, in the sneaky US society under George W. Bush a woman might very well be starved to death - as far as I can imagine an unnecessarily cruel way to die - because no doctor has the courage and the legal backing to end her life in a more humane way. Many of the same Americans who are now demonstrating and praying for the life of Terry Schiavo to be extended indefinitely never raised any objections when underage, retarded or possibly innocent human beings were condemned to death and - often after many years of legal struggles - executed. Why would I believe that the sanctity of life is all that these fundamentalists care about?

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