Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Regarding "Money-laundering scandal", "Lawmakers' gizmos, gadgets and gifts...", "Panel clears bill to make civil service jobs political", Ha'Aretz, March 7, 2005: On one and the same day we have three major articles in the national newspapers that prove once again that Israel has definitely become an 'orange-republic' ( an enhanced version of a banana-republic ). While thousands of people are unable to properly feed their children, medical waiting lists are dangerously long and scientific research - one of the few sources for national pride that are left - is being cut down drastically for lack of funds, criminals are getting richer, three young MKs push a law that would make this country even more prone to corruption, and parliamentarians pay millions for hardly essential services in order to "reach out" to a "public" with which they have lost any touch long ago.

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