Sunday, March 06, 2005

Regarding "Survey: some 60.000 French Jews want to immigrate", Ha'Aretz, March 4, 2005: While it was very nice of about a third of Jews living in France to come and visit Israel last summer, maybe we should ask ourselves why the other two thirds remained at home. Even better, we in Israel should stop being so obsessed with France, with the question whether or not that country is more anti-Semitic than other countries, and with trying to convince Jews living there to come and make aliyah. French Jews who come to Israel - out of solidarity, to visit relatives or for any other reason - and show their support for us are just as representative of French Jewry as French Jews who express disgust regarding Israel's policies towards the Palestinians, or regarding the very fact of Israel being a Jewish state. France is an important part of Europe, and Jews living there form an important part of the Jewish people, but in our constant fixation on the two there is something that is almost pathological, if not pathetic. Reducing our attention for France and the French to normal, healthier proportions will benefit Israel, French Jews and French-Israeli relations.

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