Saturday, March 19, 2005

Regarding "A way for Israel to show its magnanimity", by Uri Dromi, IHT, March 18, 2005: While, like Uri Dromi, I can not think of any reasonable excuse for Ariel Sharon to destroy the houses and other buildings in the Gaza settlements after their planned evacuation, I would not call a decision to hand them over to the Palestinians an act of magnanimity or generosity, given the way in which we in Israel in general - and many of the settlers in particular - have behaved ( and after leaving only a small part of the occupied territories will continue to behave ) towards the Palestinians. Rather, I would call it an act of common sense, and an attempt towards building bridges in addition to security fences. On the other hand, unlike Mr Dromi and Rabbi Natan, I do not see a need to convert our enemies into friends. Instead, I would go for Amos Oz' approach: the opposite of war is not love, compassion, generosity, forgiveness or brotherhood, but peace.

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