Saturday, March 12, 2005

Regarding "A year later, train bombs still take a toll on Spain", "Disputing World Court, US pulls out of protocol", IHT, March 11, 2005: The Spanish people properly remembered the victims of the terrorist attack one year ago: only silence is appropriate at such difficult moments. In my opinion it was wrong - and an insult to both victims and fighters of terror worldwide - for the newly elected Spanish government to almost immediately announce the withdrawal of the country's troops from Iraq. Still, besides an end to the presence of Spanish and other soldiers in Iraq, the terrorists aimed at - and in Spain achieved - a much more dangerous goal: sowing political divisions, insecurity and chaos. The Spanish case, still a primary example of the triumph of democracy over fanaticism and dictatorship, has turned into a clear victory for Bin Laden and his cronies. The fact that Bush and his government think that they can take the liberty of withdrawing from international commitments and of not caring a straw for other countries' concerns and criticism makes additional victories like that even more likely.

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