Saturday, March 12, 2005

This weekend's IHT and Ha'Aretz newspapers contained several highly interesting articles. In addition to the ones refered to in the previous two postings, I would like to mention here an article ( far from comprehensive, but nevertheless worth reading ) about the role of medicine and doctors in Nazi Germany (*), and a study of the effects of malnutrition carried out in the Warsaw ghetto by Jewish doctors who hid their results in milk cans; and a piece on "Alles auf Zucker", a new German 'Jewish comedy' which appears to be both very funny and therapeutical for both Jews and non-Jews in Germany. The film's maker, Dani Levy, won the Ernst Lubitsch Prize for it.
(*) the article cursorily mentions the relatively high number of vegetarians, environmentalists and adherents of homeopathy among Nazi Germans; this is only one reason why I am always a bit suspicious when certain people fanatically claim to be concerned about animal welfare, the environment and their own and other people's health.

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