Monday, April 11, 2005

Although I do have sympathy for the families that are about to be evacuated from their homes in the Gaza Strip, I enjoyed reading this propaganda-self-help kit for use against disengagement protesters, written by Doron Rosenblum. In particular I smiled a sad, bittersweet smile when I saw the reply - suggested by Rosenblum - to the claims, made by many settlers and their supporters, that they were sent to Gaza by successive Israeli governments, and that the disengagement plan has been pushed through and will be implemented with the use of undemocratic means: "The government gave, the government took away. May the name of the government be blessed (or cursed).[...] This is what's called poetic justice - or, in other words, what goes around, comes around - and some [...] will say that the process of dismantling the settlements looks a lot more democratic and transparent than the process of building them." Yesterday's anti-disengagement activities in Jerusalem and near Tel-Aviv ( it is hard to believe that their timing was a totally uncoordinated coincidence ) probably turned some more Israelis into anti-anti-disengagement sympathizers.

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