Saturday, April 30, 2005

Finally, we can eat bread, pasta, burekas, malawah, ordinary chicken soup, cakes and cookies etc. etc. again. While most Israelis gain a few pounds during the week of Pesach as a result of eating too many matzes, matze balls/knaydeleh and so on, I normally lose a kilo or two, because I am not very fond of most of the things that are kasher lepesach. While we never clean our house specifically for Pesach, we do not eat hametz during the holiday, although our kids eat rice and I put peanut butter on my matza ( both items are kitniyoth, which ashkenazim are not allowed to eat during Pesach ).
Happy Mimunah to all my fellow-Jews of Moroccan descent and to all who celebrate the holiday with them. For some explanations in French about the holiday read this. Many Moroccan-Jewish families have an open house during the evening following the end of Pesach. The next day there are big barbeques all over the country. While I write these few lines my father-in-law, my wife and our daughter are eating mufleta's, visiting several families in the city where we live.
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