Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Following my latest article in Dutch - in which I wrote that most of the outside help to Israel and the Palestinians appears to benefit the extremists on both sides, and that Christians and others who really would like to help us should focus on the no man's land of Jewish and Palestinian moderates who just want to get on with their lives and live right next to each other, in two states - one DBI reader asked me to name a few organizations that work within that no man's land.
Therefore I made a provisional list of 15 organizations the work and goals of which I think are a good example of Jewish-Arab shared interests/goals and possible cooperation. The work of some of them I know personally, most of them I know only through various media. That I mention an organization does not mean that I endorse or recommend it, that an organization is not mentioned does not mean that I do not support its cause, the list is simply far from complete. All organizations that appear here work for and/or with both Jews and Arabs. In some of them the focus is more on Arab than on Jewish communities and individuals, in others it can be the other way round. I only mention organizations that work and/or are based within Israel proper ( I am not familiar enough with - and slightly suspicious about some - NGO activities in the territories ) and that maintain a website in English, so that my readers can have a look and get an impression of their work, and of the kind of cooperation, coexistence, shared goals and interests that I talked about in my article. The organizations are arranged alphabetically. If you know about an organization that should be mentioned here let me know, I might add it. It goes without saying that there are many, many more organizations that are worthy of your attention and donations, ones that deal with welfare, handicapped, children, etc. etc. As far as I know ( partly from personal experience ), for instance, in most if not all hospitals in Israel you will find Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Druze and other doctors, nurses and patients living and working side by side in perfect harmony, as if to say that as long as you are aware of your common interests and humanity, it is very well possible to coexist and cooperate.
  1. Adam - The Institute for Democracy and Peace in Memory of Emil Grinzweig
  2. Adva Center - Information on Equality and Social Justice in Israel
  3. Bimkom - Planners for Planning Rights
  4. Re'ut - Sadaka ( Friendship Village )

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