Wednesday, April 13, 2005

If Israel's security services and forces do not start acting decisively and forcefully against those rightwing fanatics who are seriously disturbing public life here, the latter will become a serious threat to national security. Now that they know that they can get away with threats, chaining school gates, disturbing graduation ceremonies of IDF officers ( today, with the chief of staff attending ), and blocking major roads at rush hour, they might raise their level of violence if they see that the public does not buy their claims. Also, because of 'protests' such as the ones held yesterday and today Israel's army and police is becoming some sort of laughing stock, which - much more than a coordinated and well-executed withdrawal from territories that never will be ours - will affect the ways in which our ( other ) enemies will view and fight us. Personally, I believe those enemies never will pose an existential threat to the Jewish state. People like Marzel, Federman and Ben-Dvir will. In fact they already do.

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