Thursday, April 07, 2005

In Sunday's Ha'Aretz I read two good op-eds.
Yair Sheleg wrote about religious Zionism at a crossroads. His conclusion points out something interesting:
"...all of the camps in Israeli society should learn the lesson of role reversal that transpired around the evacuation of settlements. Suddenly, the right speaks about human rights, while the left and center speak in the name of national responsibility and statehood. (After all, it is clear that in the area of human rights, there is indeed a serious blow here.) Hopefully, when the storm subsides, everyone will remember the values that they are not used to championing: The left will remember that sometimes it is necessary to protect the national and state interest, even when this infringes upon human rights, and the right will remember that without recognizing the importance of human rights, the rights of its own constituents are also not guaranteed."
Zvi Bar'el tells us about the mixed blessings of democracy in the Middle East: "The home truth of supporters of occupation, from the Israeli right to American conservatives, that democracies do not go to war against each other, needs refining."

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