Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Regarding "In the footsteps of that war", Ha'Aretz, April 26, 2005 ( published in Ha'Aretz, April 28, 2005 ): It is a shame that an Israeli newspaper uncritically continues the mantra of Latvian nationalists regarding World War II and its aftermath. While undoubtedly crimes were committed by the Soviets in the Baltic states during and after that war, it is unbecoming for an Israeli journalist to write or repeat - without any reserve or explanation - "occupation is occupation" and to imply - without any commentary - that the German and Soviet occupation of Latvia were almost one and the same. I do not know if the number of 550.000 citizens who were lost in the years 1940-1990 is correct. In any case, I think that Moshe Gilad should at least have stated in this article that about 15 percent of that number were Jewish men, women and children, who were brutally murdered only in the first four of those fifty yeas, in many cases with the active and enthusiastic participation of their non-Jewish neighbors. PS: For a website rich with information about the Holocaust in Latvia click here.

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