Wednesday, April 06, 2005

This is the kind of t.v. programs that can make me emotional. Twenty years ago, during the Eurocup I finals between Juventus and Liverpool, 39 people were crushed to death in the Heizel stadium in Brussels, Belgium. A terrible organization, not enough police forces and first aid officials, a ramshackle stadium ( built in the 1920s and about to be demolished ), and too many fans formed the ingredients for a disaster. Photographer Guus Dubbelman took a picture at a few minutes past eight ( you can see the time on the watch ): an Italian father touches the face of his 17-year old daughter who died that evening. Dutch television made a short portrait of this father, Antonio Conti ( 60 years old today ), who lives with his wife in Arezzo, a city in Tuscany. Their daughter, Giuseppina , a big Juventus fan, would have been 37 today, the same age as I will be in a few months. Seeing this father talk about his daughter brought a lump to my throat. This week the two teams will meet again in a Champions League game.

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