Friday, April 08, 2005

Though an opponent of the disengagement plan, Eliezer Hisdai, deputy chairman of the Yesha Council, has publicly denounced the calls - by some rabbis and other settler community leaders - to disobey orders and to avoid service in the reserves as part of the fight against the plan. He even said that if such calls continue he will ask the chief of staff to draft him into the reserves as a volunteer ( he is a lieutenant colonel in the reserves ) to participate in the evacuation of the settlers. Not surprisingly already several threats against his life have been made. Still, it is good to see ( even though it was obvious before ) that the settlers and their supporters do not form one, monolithic and extrimist bloc, but that voices of sanity can be heard among them as well.
Two important quotes from the article
" Our responsibility as leaders is to moderate the extremists as much as possible. To say we are bringing 100,000 people and we will block disengagement with our bodies, seems to me pretentious and dangerous, because there's no way in the world to control 100,000 people. As leaders, we must act to prevent bloodshed."
"Hisdai called on regional council heads Benzi Lieberman in the West Bank and Avner Shimoni of Gush Katif, to fight for compensation, "day and night to ensure that people will leave the places [where] they have lived for 30 years with a future and hope." "

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