Monday, May 16, 2005

As if by accident, another report dealing with Israel's Foreign Ministry's professionalism. This time the country's embassy in Budapest is involved.
One of the issues under investigation:
" According to the document, the ambassador held a very oppulent event for Independence Day, described by people who attended the evening as "overly extravagant." Army Radio reported that the event cost a total of $100,000. [...] In relation to the Independence Day event, he { ambassador Admon } said: "A while after my arrival to Hungary several anti-Semitic events ocurred, and enjoyed a lot of media attention. Our wish was to put together a large event on Independence Day [as a response]. I contacted the foreign ministry in Jerusalem, but was allocated a mere $3,000. What can one do with such a sum?"".
I could give some suggestions to Mr Admon what one can do with such a sum in Hungary ( or in Israel ), but what really interests me is how he managed to turn a $3000 budget into a $100.000 event. Maybe he could teach our Finance Minister some tricks?

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