Sunday, May 15, 2005

Because my wife needed my laptop for one day and our son stayed home with diarrhea, this day was basically lost as a working day. Therefore I decided to be a good housewife, and I baked two trays of 'speculaas', a typically Dutch cookie, very easy to make as long as you have the 'speculaas'-spices needed for it. This was my first attempt, and the cookies turned out very well. I found a simple recipe on the internet ( flour, baking powder, butter, brown sugar, spices, a little salt, almonds ), but when I mixed everything - except for the almonds, which I put on most of the cookies before putting them in the oven: those without almonds are for our daughter, who loves "spikkelikkie", a name that she learnt from her cousin In Holland - the dough was very loose. I added a little milk and one egg, which solved the problem. Then I put the mix in the refrigerator for about 30-40 minutes. After that I made little balls, flattened them and put them on two baking sheets. They were baked for about 30 minutes and came out 'lekker lekker', as my son often says these days.
PS: Hoe kan ik het deeg steviger en minder kleverig krijgen, zodat ik het makkelijk kan uitrollen en er vormpjes uit kan steken?

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