Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hag Atzma'ut Sameah! Unfortunately I am afraid that what the speaker of the Knesset said about the possibility of civil war makes sense. His speech really was moving and contained a lot of food for thought. Of course he sees the disengagement plan as the main cause of such a war, whereas I rather think that more things are to blame: the occupation itself, the choice of wrong national priorities, blown-up political egos, splitting Israeli society into way too many interest groups, etc. At least one part of our people believes that our presence in the territories endangers our very existence, and it is not willing anymore to risk any lives - Jewish and Arab - and submit another people to our rule against its will, only for the sake of that presence. Another part thinks that staying in Gaza and the Westbank makes us stronger while leaving the territories will weaken us.
It becomes harder and harder to somehow reconcile the different goals and expectations of all the parts that make up the whole of this state, and some kind of moment of truth is getting nearer and nearer. The question is, and Reuven Rivlin pointed that out in his own words: "Will we still be able and willing to really live together when that moment arrives?". It has been said before, and it cannot be said enough: we are our own biggest enemies. We need a lot of wisdom, courage and strength in the coming 57 years, maybe even more than what we had in the years since 1948. Nevertheless, in the meantime, for tomorrow: hag sameah! Posted by Hello

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