Sunday, May 22, 2005

Just to show that German is - or can be - such a beautiful language if you are willing and able to appreciate it ( and as long as it is spoken or written by the right person ), here is what my neigbor Lila has to say about some of the issues that have been taking up Israel's media's headlines lately. The use of cases and a rich vocabulary often turns German prose almost into lyrical poetry. I was disappointed to hear that Lila does not like Patrick Sueskind. One of the things that I love in his work are the long, perfectly constructed and very descriptive, detailed sentences, while Lila - if I understood her correctly - thinks that his prose is (*) too constructed and organized. Except for 'professional' stuff and some online articles, news items and Lila's blog I do not read much German these days, but every now and then I take out one of Sueskind's books ( I have all five that are available: he should write more ), only to read one or two pages of his beautiful prose, just like once in a while I read a few pages of ( mostly Dutch, sometimes French ) poetry or song lyrics.
(*) I did not misunderstand what she said, I just did not choose the right words here, and should have written that 'his stories are' ( not 'his prose is' ) too constructed and organized.

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