Monday, May 16, 2005

Regarding "Civil Service embassy probe to go beyond Washington gossip", Ha'Aretz, May 16, 2005: It is hardly relevant who is speaking the truth in this game of back-and-forth-innuendo, though it is tempting to think - regarding all sides involved - that there is no smoke without fire. What is much more important is that this shows once more how and by whom Israel's diplomacy and PR - two tools that, one would think, are more important than ever in the fight against our enemies and for some kind of normalcy - is being handled. Also, it becomes clear, not for the first time, how flawed this country's democracy is when it comes to the media's independence. With only a few families bascially controlling them, our media are often enlisted automatically when a member, friend, political ally or business partner of one of the families becomes involved in this or that public affair.

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