Monday, May 23, 2005

Regarding "Clad in orange, N.Y. Jews heckle Sharon", Ha'Aretz, May 23, 2005: As an opponent of Israel's presence in both the Westbank and Gaza, I believe that my vision of Zionism is very different from that of the settlers and their supporters within Israeli society. One could even argue that our 'Zionisms' are mutually exclusive. Still, I do respect the way in which most of them are dedicated to their cause. Just like me, they more or less do as they preach, most of them serve in the army, and they and their loved ones accept and directly endure some of the results of their political choices. Accompanying this article is a picture of demonstrators in New York, who are heckling someone who - it has to be said, whether or not you identify with his political views - dedicated his life to Zionism, at least to his personal interpretation of Zionism. In addition to the fanaticism in their eyes, their racism, their absolute truths - all of which are not always distinguishable from the ones to which our worst enemies adhere -, what I really cannot stand about these demonstrators is that they think that by embracing a rightwing pseudo-variant of Zionism they can make up for not bearing the ultimate consequence of being a Zionist. If you are Jewish and you really believe that ( parts of ) this land belong to the Jewish people, you should pack up your things and take the first plane to Israel. If not, you can of course still support or criticize whatever government is in power here, but it does not help anybody - Jew or Palestinian - if you overcompensate for your own weaknesses and failures. Showing 'solidarity' with the settlers by coming here in order to complicate the work of Israel's security forces, shouting at Israel's Prime Minister, embracing the Jewish-Zionist version of trying to be 'more Catholic than the Pope', all those expressions of 'love' for the Jewish state by rightwing Jews abroad are meaningless, and only are yet another proof that fanatics on both sides share oh so many ideas and interests.

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