Thursday, May 05, 2005

Regarding "Have we learned nothing?" by Israel Harel, Ha'Aretz, May 5, 2005:
On Yom haShoah we can read how it is impossible for Israel Harel, like for so many others in Israel and abroad, not to abuse the memory of the six million for his own political purposes. Doesn't he understand that by using Holocaust comparisons and analogies - which in any case are unhistorical - he trivializes not only the suffering and memory of all those Jews murdered in World War II, but also the wonderful work that has been and still is being done by the members of our security forces for almost 60 years? In addition, he makes it perfectly legititimate for our worst enemies to use the Holocaust for their own goals. If we allowed ourselves to descend to Mr Harel's level of political discourse by continuing his use of the ghetto-analogy in this particular article, we could conclude that all the countries and territories surrounding Israel are like the Aryan zones surrounding the ghettos in - for instance - Poland, or even that the IDF and the Israeli police are the modern equivalent of the ghetto police. If we descended even more, we could - as is already being done by some of our enemies - compare the men and women who are working day and night for our security to the very murderers of our children, siblings, parents grandparents and great-grandparents 60 years ago. But of course we do not demean ourselves to such a level. Instead, today we honor the memory of the millions who were murdered in Europe in the years 1939-1945, next week we honor the memory of those who were killed and murdered defending our independence ( one day before we celebrate that independence ), and in the meantime most of us try not to make the already difficult job that our security forces face even harder.

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