Monday, May 16, 2005

Regarding "Police out in force to thwart settlers' plans to block roads", Ha'Aretz, May 16, 2005: It comes not really as a surprise that many of the rightwing militants who organize and carry out the diverse activities against the implementation of the disengagement plan hardly seem to care about our state, its wellbeing and security. How else can we explain the fact that - with thousands living in poverty and our security forces being stretched to the limit in their efforts to protect us - members of extremist settlements and of groups with promising names such as This is our Land, The National Home and Myriad ( Revava ) do their best to waste both manpower and precious budget resouces by placing fake bombs, trying to force their way onto the Temple Mount, harassing and hurting both Palestinians and soldiers, etc. etc.? What does surprise me, though, is that these activists' love for the Land and the People of Israel is totally fake. If they really loved our land and people, they would not burn tires all over the country. That primitive form of protest, harmful to the health of both Jews and Arabs, pollutes the land on which both peoples live.

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