Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Regarding whole issue of Ha'Aretz, May 17, 2005:
As a Zionist who chose to live and raise his family here, I found reading today's issue of Ha'aretz a frustrating experience, even more depressing than usual. Teachers are forced to beg and humiliate themselves in order to have a tiny chance of continuing to be allowed to earn a livelihood by working with our foremost national asset. Israel's representative in the capital of our most important ally is engaged in a highly publicized mud-slinging-fight with our Foreign Minister, who together with his wife enhances our image abroad in many ways. Our security forces are being turned into a laughing stock by children, this time Israeli, not Palestinian. Settlers, who until recently satisfied themselves with playing the role of lawmakers and -enforcers inside the(ir) territories only, now are becoming the lawlessness incarnate in Israel itself as well. Their love for the Land of Israel is expressed by polluting that land and the air that we breathe with burning tires. We are basically told that Jewish terrorist-wannabees and provocateurs - who if they had been Palestinians would probably have been eliminated already - first have to act ( on the Temple Mount, against the Prime Minister, whatever ) before they can be taken off the streets. In the meantime the person who is supposed to lead us - if he knows whereto he is doing a wonderful job hiding that - ignores our Parliament and hardly has a political party on which to rely. If only there was a credible opposition, but no, those who in a normal democracy would offer us a proper alternative for the government's lack of direction are part of that same government, publicly comparing - in no uncertain terms - their impressive military pasts in an ugly fight for their party's ( not their country's ) future. If the goal of Zionism was to create a just and democratic society of which Jews all over the world could be proud, I am afraid we have to admit that it ( or better: we ) failed. Even if its aim was to make us into a nation like all the others it did not succeed: although I still love to live here I find it hard to name another - more or less democratic - country where one can find so many cases of injustice, such waste of resources and such chaos and anarchy as in what was supposed to be the realization of a dream.

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