Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Three articles worth reading. Bradley Burston often writes very insightful pieces on Israel's society and on this country's politics. Here he analyzes the complex situation in which many Israelis find themselves when confronted with Ariel Sharon, the disengagement plan, 'the situation', political choices and an uncertain future. Yossi Melman tells us why Israel should do much more to get Jonathan Pollard out of jail: "It is true that Pollard is not an easy person. In recent years, he has surrounded himself with a bunch of extreme right-wingers. (Perhaps this is because the left and center, with a few exceptions like MK Ophir Pines-Paz, have unfortunately taken no interest in him.) This bunch acts in a blatant way, bordering on rudeness, and this certainly does not help enhance public sympathy for Pollard. But this does not detract from the government of Israel's obligation to exert efforts to attain his freedom." Finally an editorial in Ha'Aretz on a controversial project initiated by the municipality of Beth She'an, a one-day trip to Auschwitz for students who normally would not have the means to go on the 'regular' trips to Poland. Personally, I find it hard to support those trips in general, but this "poor-man's Auschwitz" journey, as Ha'Aretz names it cynically, really is a disgrace. I do not think that I will ever make the journey there, and in my opinion the enormous amounts spent on such trips could and should be spent in better ways.

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