Thursday, May 19, 2005

Two things were added to my sidebar: a clock that gives you the time in Haifa ( for some reason I had to define it as GMT +3 hrs ), provided by, plus a link to an expat blog directory, for which I was invited by its initiator. I must say, I like the look of my sidebar with all the latest additions. For a technical ignoramus like me inserting the bits of html into my blog's template is a challenge, and I am proud of the fact that in the two years since I started blogging I have been able to figure out - sometimes with the help of fellow-bloggers, but often on my own - how to make changes to the way my weblog looks, to add different fancy features ( comments, links, icons, a scrolldown menu for the DBI archives ), to post pictures, etc. Of course you have to be a real genius not to be able to work with Blogger, but still.

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