Sunday, June 19, 2005

Ha'Aretz news flash: 08:50 Peres: Bringing back normalcy to life in Gaza is crucial (Israel Radio)
Is this the reason why he suggested a few days ago that Israel should give guns to the PA in order for the Authority to be able to restore and keep order? Does, in Mr Peres's view, normalcy include Palestinians using weapons issued by Israel to shoot at Israelis? What, by the way, happened to the guns that - as far as I can remember - were ( supposed to be ) handed out to the PA within the framework of the Oslo agreements? Did the PA hand them out to third and fourth parties?
As much as I am in favor of ending the occupation and letting the Palestinians have a state of their own, and although I admire Shimon Peres very much( mostly for work that he did many, many years ago ), I think this idea of once again giving weapons to the Palestinians is a bit too much. Even if his basic assumption might be right, the symbolic value of such a gesture would be disastrous for the government's PR both in- and outside Israel.

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