Saturday, June 25, 2005

Haifa is known for the relatively excellent relations between religious/secular and Jewish/Arab Israelis. Of course there are tensions, such as when the illegally built home of an Arab family was knocked down at the Checkpost junction a couple of weeks ago, or last night when religious Jews protested against the opening of a road between different neighborhoods of the city, a road that had been closed on Shabbat for 35 years. Anyway, in about twenty minutes I will take our son for a ride. We are going to eat icecream at a huge supermarket nearby. The store is part of a network known for its large choice of non-kosher meat products. While I do not eat non-kosher meat in Israel ( abroad I am not really strict, to use an understatement ) and at home we do not eat milk and meat simultaneously, we do not have separate meat/milk sides and utensils in the kitchen, and you might be served coffee with milk or a piece of cheesecake after a lunch or dinner that included chicken ( unless you do not like coffee with milk or cheesecake, or if you are stricter than we are, of course ). Sometimes, when we forgot to buy some things during the week, I take one or both of our kids to this supermarket on Saturday. It has all the regular kosher products in addition to its non-kosher assortment. It also has an enormous choice of icecream tastes, at very reasonable prices. That is why it is almost certain that we have icecream every time that we visit the store. Our son will probably take chocolate, I will get one scoop of white chocolate flavor, and one scoop of strawberry.

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