Friday, June 24, 2005

In the last three weeks I have visited a movie theater more than I had visited one in the last year and a half before that, I think. Last year through the teachers' union ( my wife is a teacher ) we bought 12 tickets for 180 shekel ( 33 Euro, 40 dollars ), which is less than half the price per ticket. For some reason we forgot about the tickets ( we do not go out very much ) and about a month ago we checked their validity and discovered that it expires on July 1st. Since they are only valid in two cinemas in Haifa our choice was limited ( the cinemas' repertoire is not changed very frequently ), but we still had a good time. The first movie that my wife and I saw was The Pacifier, with Vin Diesel. Predictable but highly entertaining ( not surprisingly it is produced by Disney ). One week later we invited two good friends of ours, with whom we saw Monster in Law ( Jane Fonda & Jennifer Lopez ). Again, not very original but perfect for 90 minutes of relaxed entertainment. This Sunday I went to see Assault on Precinct 13, a remake of an original that I never saw but definitely want to see now. A very good action movie, very violent but nevertheless ( or maybe in particular because of the violence ) very enjoyable. I was the only person watching the movie in the house. One day later I saw, again without my wife, Kingdom of Heaven, by Ridley Scott, whose Gladiator I liked very very much. This movie is not as good. The story is a bit shaky, it contains very few solid characters, and it tries too hard to teach us how bad it is to fight over religious issues, land and stones. Still, it was more than o.k., especially because it has some beautiful full screen views and many good fighting scenes. Next week we will spend our last four tickets - we will again invite our friends - to go and see Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We will definitely buy another subscription for next year, but this time we will make sure that we spread our visits to the cinema more evenly over the year, so that we can really choose what movies we want to see.

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