Saturday, June 11, 2005

Read this portrait of a Gush Katif family that is preparing to leave its home, before the evacuation begins. The article gives us a very human side of the disengagement story. Arieh Abowitz, the pater familias, sums up some of the main rationales behind the disengagement plan:
Abowitz remains a fierce opponent of giving back territory. "Territories for peace is absolute bullshit," he said yesterday, noting, however, that he gradually began to find some logic in a unilateral withdrawal from Gaza. "First of all, it is a way of dealing with our demographic problem; second, Israel is the only country that doesn't have borders, and this is a step in that direction. And third, we are not living in this world alone. We are tied to Europe and the United States. Even if this is a holy place, there are still politics. We cannot turn the State of Israel into a ghetto."

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