Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Regarding Ha'Aretz, June 28, 2005 issue: In today's issue of Ha'Aretz two serious editorial mistakes caught my attention. In the article about the anti-disengagement highway protest - in which Yesha sources are cited without question, even though their claimed number of participants is at least five times higher than the number given by the police - you quote without properly using quotation marks. When you write " Bentzi Lieberman said yesterday that the event was "a tremendous success," and that people were demanding that the government and Knesset reconsider the plan, which is incredibly dangerous from the security standpoint, and incredibly reprehensible from a moral and social standpoint." ( the first and last quotation marks being mine ), the impression is given that you agree with the standpoint part. Another thing that, if I am not mistaken, an editor should have noticed is the following. On page 11 we see, right next to a big headline that says "Cell phones invade the Arab world", a large picture of a woman in Iran using a cell phone. In the last paragraph of the article we read: "In Iran...[...]. In other Arab countries...." I surely hope that this mistake ( Iran might be a part of the Muslim world, but it is certainly not an Arab country ) is the responsibility of one of your editors, not of Zvi Bar'el, who as far as I am aware knows very well what he writes about.

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