Monday, June 27, 2005

Regarding "IDF destroys Katif structures in bid to thwart new outpost" and "The outcome of contempt" by Yair Shaleg, Ha'Aretz, June 27, 2005: It is obvious that behind Avi Biber's refusal to participate in the demolition of the eleven structures in Shirat Yam are honest and deeply felt motives and emotions. Still, just as he says that he and his family did not come to Israel to expel Jews from their homes, I can say that I did not come here to participate in an unjust occupation and in the suppression of another people. I made aliyah ten years ago because I believe in the right of the Jewish people to a truly independent state of its own, with clearly defined and internationally accepted borders. When I decided where in Israel I wanted to start a family, one important practical and political criterion was whether that place was an undisputed part of the Jewish state. I very much sympathize with Shella Shorshan, and I feel sorry that she probably will be forced to move the graves of her husband and daughter our of the Gaza Strip. Nevertheless, I do not feel any need to go over there and feel the settlers' pain "together with them". All members of all post-1967 governments are responsible for that pain, as much as they are responsible for much of the pain felt by the Palestinians and by non-settler Israelis as a direct or indirect result of the occupation. Let those politicians go and feel the pain of the evacuation. My conscience is clear: just as my wife and I made our political, ideological and practical choices, so did each and every every family head who chose to live ( or remain ) in the territories. As a result of government policies many Jewish residents of Gaza and the Westbank were probably tempted to go and settle across the Green Line during the past 38 years ( financial incentives, small communities, nice and sometimes relatively cheap housing ), but as far as I am aware no one was forced to go and build his home there. That ideology or naivete apparently made most settlers unaware of the fact that the occupation can not go on forever is too bad, but apart from our sympathy and from making sure that they receive a fair compensation we, who for whatever reasons did not choose to live in the territories, do not owe them anything.

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