Sunday, June 19, 2005

Regarding "Nitsanit residents offered luxury tracts near Ashkelon", Ha'Aretz, June 19, 2005: While I do agree that settlers who are evacuated from settlements deserve a generous compensation for the property that they are forced to leave behind, I think some of them are going a bit over the top with their demands. The people from Nitsanit and other settlements should realize that much of the quality of life to which they have become used has been at the expense both of the Palestinians - who have borne and continue to bear more than anybody else the burden of an unjust occupation - and of the average Israeli taxpayer. It is about time that someone explains to them that, no matter how much a private beach and other privileges are things that are taken for granted by an occupier, in a post-occupation Israel burdens and privileges should - and, we can always hope, might - be distributed more equally.

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