Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Regarding "US marines uncover torture cell in Iraq", IHT, June 20, 2005: Even though I have great respect for much of the work done by American soldiers done in Iraq and elsewhere in the world, when I read this article I could not help thinking about Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. So what if torture methods uncovered by the marines are worse than the mostly psychological abuse and humiliations that have been taking place in American detention centers? By resorting to both physical and psychologcal terror and torture US soldiers lost much of the high moral ground that they might have had before. If the United States and other Western countries are as right as they - and I - think they are in their war against terror, they should not have to turn to terror in order to beat the terrorists. Of course, sometimes using brutal force will be necessary in that war, but showing the world time and again how cruel and destructive our enemies are, and seriously offering a true, hopeful alternative to those people around the world who are searching just for such an alternative might be more productive than humiliating and hurting a few poor ( often low-level ) suspects.

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