Tuesday, June 21, 2005

This is a picture of Wafa Ibrahim, a young woman who was supposed to blow herself up in Israel yesterday, apparently in or near a hospital. She had special permits to visit the Soroka hospital in Beer Sheva, for treatment of severe burns that she sustained from an exploded gas balloon half a year ago. Thank G'd the IDF soldiers manning the border crossing between Israel and Gaza found her suspicious, so that the 10 kgs of explosives that she carried in her pants were discovered. She has been interviewed by Israeli and foreign reporters, and made several contradictoray statements.
This story teaches us at least five things:
  1. How much terrorists care about their own men, women and children, no matter how weak, helpless and ill.
  2. How difficult the work of the soldiers and police(wo)men manning the roadblocks and checkpoints is. Since the terrorists feel no qualms about abusing humanitarian causes ( au contraire - the worse the situation of the Palestinians is, the better for the extremists; btw, this of course is something that goes for most if not all extremists and fanatics ) it is up to these young Israelis to decide whether someone with or without a permit really needs medical help inside Israel or whether (s)he is faking it for whatever reason. It is easy ( and sometimes very justified ) to criticize the procedures at the checkpoints, but we should not think lightly of the responsibility of those manning them.
  3. How desperate some Palestinians must be, caught between an unjust occupation, having to cater for their own and their families' needs, and a corrupt and useless pseudo-leadership.
  4. How cruel and patronizing Palestinian society is: one of the reasons why Wafa Ibrahim supposedly 'volunteered' for her failed mission is that she is disfigured because of the burns on her body, which makes it hard to marry her off. One of the female suicide bombers who did 'succeed' in her glorious task was a mother who was accused of adultery. You won't hear any pro-Palestinian feminist in Europe or elsewhere take up the cause of these social outcasts. After all, all this is Israel's fault, isn't it?
  5. It will be impossible to rely completely on the professionalism and good intentions of Egyptians, Palestinians ( and possibly UN soldiers ) when it comes to controling the passageways between Israel and the territories. On the Israeli side Israel will have to be responsible for the entrance of Palestinians into Israel, at least as long as it is clear that we cannot count on the efforts of the Palestinian Authority to fight terror.Posted by Hello

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