Sunday, June 26, 2005

When I read this article by Uzi Benziman about another Uzi, I was reminded of our wedding day. After followers of Uzi Meshulam had made serious threats against him and against other officials, Moshe Shahal, then Minister for Internal Security, was one of the most threatened and protected public figures in Israel ( which was quite a feat only half a year after the murder of Yitzhak Rabin z"l ). He happens to be a - political - friend of my father-in-law, so together with some other ministers and public figures he was invited to our wedding ( at an Israeli wedding you even invite your manicurist ). When a few weeks before the wedding my wife and her father went to give an invitation to Mr Shahal they were almost knocked down by some General Security gorillas. They were saved by Mrs Shahal, who told the security guys that they were friends of her husband. The two of us did not see him at our wedding. Just before we arrived in the wedding hall ( we waited outside in the car of Guy - a good friend of ours whom my wife knew from the army - because we forgot my soon-to-be-wife's bouquet at the house of my brother-in-law, where we had spent about an hour to freshen up after a long photo shoot at the Ahziv beach, where I was greeted by all - mostly Israeli Arab - visitors with cries of "Mazal tov, Ahi ( my brother )", "Mabruk, Ahi" etc. ) an Israeli couple had been murdered somewhere in the territories ( near Bethlehem if I am not mistaken ). The Minister was rushed straight out of the wedding hall to his office. On the wedding video you can see him signing our guest book, with bodyguards wearing earphones surrounding him. All the guests who brought their cameras took pictures, and judging by the many flashes there were more of them than the number of photographers at the signing ceremony of some agreement between world leaders. By the way, the man, a very accomplished lawyer, has a beautiful handwriting. As a gift he gave us a set of plates for chips and dips, beautifully decorated with a motive in naive style. At least one of the plates is broken, and I am not sure if we still have the rest of the set.

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