Sunday, June 05, 2005

When I read this editorial in Ha'Aretz I thought that the newspaper's editors did a good job stating the obvious: in the coming months the Israeli government and - especially - the IDF will have a difficult time dealing with a creature ( I almost wrote 'monster' here, but that would be an unjustified generalization, and I refuse to believe that most of the settlers are like the fanatics whom we see on television and read about in the newspapers several times a week ) that they have created and pampered themselves during more than three decades. Once and for all it will have to be made clear that - despite of what they, we and the Palestinians were made to believe for so many years - the settlers no longer can embody the rule of law by making and enforcing their own laws. A decision has been made ( or so it seems ) by Israel's government and parliament, and this decision should be implemented. During the implementation the keyword will be resolve. If not, everything will go on as it has gone for all too long, and we will all be forced - by a relatively small group of intimidating bullies, plus their ideological supporters, lobbyists and other political helpers - to continue an occupation that ruins the Jewish state in every possible way and that most of us do not appear to want ( anymore ). Enough is enough.

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