Thursday, July 14, 2005

Apparently the Jewish settlers and their Israeli supporters are not the only ones opposed to ( and trying to prevent ) the implementation of the disengagement plan:

  1. 18:31 Mortar shell fired at town north of Gaza, one person seriously wounded (Haaretz)
  2. 18:23 Palestinians fire 3 mortar shells at Gaza settlement, causing damage (Israel Radio)
  3. 17:12 Palestinians fire mortar shell at western Negev; no casualties (Israel Radio)

PS: The young woman who was wounded by the Qassam rocket has died. While opponents of the disengagement plan say that this proves that terrorism pays and that the disengagement will lead to more terror, its supporters can say just as easily that this proves that the Israeli presence in Gaza cannot and does not protect us, and that if there is a proper border between us and the Palestinians we will have all the means and every right to respond harshly to such attacks, which would be a safer and saner situation than the current one.

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