Tuesday, July 12, 2005

As Debka reported earlier, there is a real chance that at least one of the bombings in London last Thursday might have been the work of a suicide bomber. This is what I read in The Times: It is understood that the examination of the No 30 bus at Tavistock Square has yielded vital fragments that have sharpened the focus of the police inquiry. Forensic pathologists have been paying particular attention to the remains of two bodies found in the mangled wreckage of the double-decker. A senior police source said: “There are two bodies which have to be examined in great detail because they appear to have been holding the bomb or sitting on top of it. One of those might turn out to be the bomber.” A decapitated head was found at the bus scene which has been, in Israeli experience, the sign of a suicide bomber. This article is quoted by the Dutch daily De Telegraaf: Bij het onderzoek naar de explosieven richt Scotland Yard zich vooral op de ontplofte dubbeldekker. "Er zijn twee lichamen die minutieus moeten worden onderzocht, omdat het erop lijkt dat ze de bom vasthielden of er bovenop zaten. Eén van beiden zou de terrorist kunnen zijn". As I think I wrote before, Debka is not always very precise, and many of its reports or newsflashes are based on very raw material, but more than once it was among the first sources to report news items that later turned out to be absolutely true. I will not add a link to Debka in my sidebar, but although I do not refer to it often it is always one of the first websites that I consult when something terror-related took place.

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