Thursday, July 07, 2005

Earlier today I heard something that I had failed to notice. Ehud Ya'Ari, one of Israel's foremost ( or at least most famous ) experts on the Arab world, pointed at the fact that Al-Qaeda appears to have initiated wars on all fronts that it could think of. That it fights the West and Israel is almost logical, but it also fights Shi'ite Islam in Iraq and elsewhere ( something that Iran does not like ), it is confronting China by helping Uighur separatists in the Xinjiang province, Russia by its assistance to terrorists ( oh no, militants ) in Chechnya, and - now more than ever before - mainstream Sunni Islam: the Iraqi branch of Al-Qaeda ( somebody explained on t.v. today that we should see it as a movement rather than as an organization ), led by Zarqawi, murdered the Egyptian diplomat who was kidnapped earlier this week, something that will anger not only the not very popular Egyptian government but also the average Egyptian and other Sunni Muslims around the Arab world. An interesting and maybe promising development, promising because it could indicate a high level of despair among the movement's operatives and ideologues. What's for sure, it is still way too early to be truly hopeful, Islamism in general and Al-Qaeda in particular will most probably remain a threat to a life of peace and quiet in the West and elsewhere for many years to come.

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